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When Big Banks turn down your business loan applications, then "Minnow Financial" is the next best Alternative Financing option for (1) small to medium size businesses, (2) real estate investments, and (3) startup endeavors!

For the USA only!

Samereth Salliman

Managing Broker

About Us

About Us

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Registered as Minnow Holdings LLC, DBA Minnow Financial is an independent company partnering and co-brokering mainly with four larger established financing brokerages and commercial banks in the “alternative lending” industry, $10K to $15MM plus. When banks turn down your loan applications, reach out to me because I may be able to help. Based in Galloway, Ohio, USA! Serving small to medium-sized “main street” businesses, real estate investors, and startups! We help companies and entrepreneurs grow by safely brokering loans that must be paid back the principal amount and interest. We do not take part in the ownership of your companies! We are brokers, matchmakers, and/or dealmakers facilitating lending between borrowers and lenders! We practice our own form of K.I.S.S., Keeping It Supremely Simple! We are Minnows, not Sharks!


My good to great name is Samereth A. Salliman, and there is “only one” of me with this unique name on this planet! I am the Managing Broker of Minnow Financial. Professional experiences include over 20 years in international and domestic business exposures in leadership roles in education and club sports, manufacturing, residential mortgage, distribution and warehousing, roofing, landscaping, construction, retail, traveling, and startups. Traveled in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, North America, and Western Europe! Would like to visit Central and South America in the future.


By August 2017, with multitudes of various industry experiences, I decided to be self-employed for life and serve “main street” businesses and other entrepreneurs to impact the communities in "good" and more positive ways! So, Minnow Holdings LLC was born, registered, and started by partnering with more prominent industry-leading companies that closed over 36,000 loans worth over $2 Billion over the past 40-plus years--I “trust” these leading brokerages, and perhaps you should consider “trusting” me as well. I want to offer a product that all businesses need, that is, MONEY, in the form of loans to assist entrepreneurs and business owners. At the same time, this gave me a true sense of purpose and meaning in life. I love waking up early daily and cannot wait to get involved with my self-employment life and serve my communities and others!

  • Why do you need Alternative Lenders Brokers?
    When banks turn your loan applications down, 7 out of 10 Small Business Owners “do not” know they can still get business financing from Private Lenders or “Alternative Lenders” that will require no collateral and can close in a few days. This is why it is essential to know about Alternative Lending Brokers. They have long-established relationships with alternative lenders and know the business. They will likely close much faster, usually in 1 to 7 business days. Whereas banks usually will require collateral, higher-end Credit Scores in the high 700s, have numerous other “stringent” requirements that must be met, and then take many months after months to approve the loans, if they do at all. Banks usually loan you money when you don’t need it! Alternative lending helps you find funding when you need and want it!
  • Why do you need a Broker?
    First, brokers usually have established relationships with lenders and other Commercial Banks already! They also have set business systems, human capital, and other resources designed for efficiency in this type of business. It will take you months and years to do it on your own. Most Direct Lenders “will not” likely talk with you because it takes too much time. Instead, lenders depend on brokers to pre-qualify borrowers and send them only promising ones. Besides, you will pay the same “points” or “interest rate” regardless of whether brokers are involved! Brokers can also add value to you and your business for little to no additional cost. It is highly recommended that you build a “trusting” relationship with “one” broker!
  • Who are good referral sources for us?
    The following professional people have exposure to businesses every day and know their needs; thus, they will be good referral sources for us: Accountants/CPAs/Bookkeepers, Attorneys/Legal Professionals, Business Brokers/Consultants/Coaches, Commercial Bankers and Loan Officers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Financial Advisors/Consultants/Planners, and Sales Professionals are good referrals for me.
  • Our Business Hours of Operation?
    Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST! Friday to Sunday are off days!
Loans Brokring

Financing Brokerage

At Minnow Financial, our main financing product is “Working Capital” Loans! However, we will also broker other forms of Business Loans, Equipment Financing, and Commercial Mortgages typically from $100K to $15MM. Please review the following “four” financing options and pre-qualification guidelines with my co-brokering partners to see if your company qualifies. 

FINANCING OPTION 1: This is our “bread and butter” financing option! I am mainly a “cash-flow-based” broker specializing in “Working Capital” with a specific co-broker! Working Capital is used to pay for most of the operational expenses of the business. However, I will also assist with Accounts Receivable, Asset-Based, Franchise, BLOC, LOC, MCA, and SBA financing with the same care and efficiency but more on a case-by-case basis!

Do you qualify for a “Work Capital” Loan?

  1. Have you been in business for 1 or more?

  2. Have Sales Revenue of $120/year for at least 1 year in a Business Checking Account?

  3. Any Credit Scores!

FINANCING OPTION 2: Other Financing Products with the second co-broker! I also co-broker Interest Only, Flex Pay, and Bridge Loans with the same care and efficiency but more on a case-by-case basis!

Do you qualify?

  1. Are you a Brick-and-Mortar Business?

  2. Type of Business Industry?

  3. How much are you seeking?

  4. Have you been in Business for 1 year plus?

  5. Have $200K/Year in Annual Sales in a Business Checking Account?

  6. Is your Personal Equifax Score “preferably 601 or higher?

  7. Do you have 2 Outstanding MCA or less?

  8. Have you settled a Bankruptcy Settled over 1 year ago?

  9. Do you own a home?

FINANCING OPTION 3: Other Funding Options with the third co-broker! I also co-broker BLOC, LOC, Startup, and Term Loans with the same care and efficiency but more on a case-by-case basis!

Do you qualify?

  1. Do you have Credit Scores 680 plus?

  2. Can you show proof of income of $50K/year plus for at least 2 years?

FINANCING OPTION 4: Other Funding Options in Residential and Commercial Mortgages, M&A Loans, and Fix and Flips Financing with my fourth co-broker! I am also co-brokering these loan products with the same care and efficiency but more on a case-by-case basis!

Please reach out to me! I would rather you call me 5 to 10 to 20 times a day to answer all your questions than not get the call at all! I do not get paid until the loans are closed. There is no pressure, absolutely no way!


Serving 126 Industries

We serve our routine “core” clients in the Restaurant, Industrial, Retail, Medical, Manufacturing, Auto Repair, Landscaping, Trucking, Shipping, Transportation, Construction, and Staffing industries. But we are serving over 126 industries.

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